Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

Shelters for abused victims of violence – government directory

The Western Cape government has issued a directory of shelters for abused victims of violence. Please click the link to see which shelter is located closest to you.

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

Mowbray Maternity Hospital

If you are having a baby and live within our catchment areas (Woodstock to Claremont; Mowbray to Sawkins Road; all the Avenues in Rondebosch East), you are welcome to book in with us and allow us to guide you along your journey to motherhood. We have been doing this since 1916.

Mowbray Maternity is a referral hospital – meaning that mothers who have booked at Midwife Obstetric Units (MOUs) in Hanover Park, Mitchells Plain, Gugulethu and Retreat who have been assessed by a midwife or doctor and require a higher level of care are referred to us according to the medical need.

We offer a full range of high-level maternity services, spanning the three main stages of childbirth – Antenatal care; labour and delivery; and postnatal care. With our caring, experienced and highly trained team of midwives and obstetricians and our state-of–the-art facilities, we will ensure you receive the best possible care, and that the process of giving birth is the joyous event it is meant to be.

Most women have normal pregnancies and deliver healthy babies. For women who have a higher risk of developing a problem during pregnancy or birth, we offer the most advanced programmes and care available.

Tel: 021 695 3026/ 021 605 2991

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

List of government clinics

A complete list of government clinics in the Western Cape.

These clinics may provide the following services related to mother and child wellness – please contact your local clinic to confirm which services are offered:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Termination of pregnancy
  • HIV/Aids and STD testing
  • Trauma counselling
  • Well-baby check ups, including immunizations
Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

Accessing the Child Grant – SASSA directory

SASSA is the agency appointed by government to administer child grant (and other grant) services to the general public. Please visit this website to learn more about the child grant application process and to see a list of SASSA offices. Please note the required documents to apply for a child grant.

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

Registration of birth – Home Affairs directory

All newborn babies have to be registered within the first 30 days of life to access a birth certificate. The birth certificate is crucial to access other services including a child grant, healthcare and education services. Please visit this website for more information and also a list of offices for the Department of Home Affairs.