Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

Shelters for abused victims of violence – government directory

The Western Cape government has issued a directory of shelters for abused victims of violence. Please click the link to see which shelter is located closest to you.

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

Arise – Heideveld

The Arise team work to ensure the safety and stability of vulnerable children in and around Heideveld through kids clubs, homework club, educational support and therapeutic services.

Tel: 021 633 4058
Email: info@arisecapetown.org.za
Address: 68 Groenberg Road, Heideveld

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being


Wandisa is:
– the first child protection organisation statutorily designated in South Africa in terms of the Children’s Act
– accredited to facilitate local adoptions throughout SA – and believes “local is lekker”
– not discriminatory towards properly- qualified adopters from SA or elsewhere
– is Hague-accredited for the USA, France and The Netherlands
– a magnet for those complicated or “out of the ordinary” scenarios because of its collaboration with family lawyers

Tel: 021 852 8025

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being


PROCARE offers specialized services of the highest standard to prospective adoptive parents and biological parents in need of assistance regarding adoption. Our social workers are accredited by the Dept of Social Development and the SA Council for Social Service Professions to provide national adoption services. We specialise in the following services:

Adoption counselling and assistance:
– In the event of an unplanned pregnancy
– Infertility counselling
– Pre and post abortion counselling

Comprehensive screening and support services to prospective adoptive parents:
– Baby adoptions
– Step parent adoptions
– Trans racial adoptions

Tel: 021 873 0532

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

Magdalena Huis

Magdalena Huis is a pregnancy crisis centre who facilitate the adoptions of the birth-mothers in their care.

Some of their services include:

• Counselling and theraputic support for pregnant mothers
• Accommodation for pregnant mothers
• Pre-abortion and post-abortion counseling
• Screening of prospective adoptive parents
• Adoption process facilitation
• Heritage counseling and support

Tel: 021 948 3637

Address: 17th Avenue 42, Bellville, Cape Town

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

Child Welfare Cape Town – Adoption Centre

Child Welfare Cape Town’s adoption centre provides counseling and assistance to birth parents considering adoption for their unborn children.

Support services include:

Intensive counselling;
Job skills training (through which they are able to generate income);
Access to community resources (in terms of emotional and financial support); and
Basic requirements, such as food and clothing.

Prospective adoptive parents may also apply to start the adoption process through Child Welfare.

Tel: 021 638 3127

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

Abba Adoptions

Abba Adoptions provides professional adoption services to all birth parents, children and adoptive parents in their
program. Their services are divided into three specialized areas, namely : adoption , birthparent and
baby care services. Their value system based on Christian principle, plays an important role in their
adoption selection process but they will offer service to any child or birthparent that falls within
their mandate and that is in need of their service.

Tel: 021 913 8224
Address: Hoheizen Park 3, Hoheizen Crescent, Hoheizen, Bellville

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

Zoe Project

An initiative which offers support services for pregnant mums via the government MoU facilities. The organisation works with women in the most vulnerable of contexts and empower women with information about pregnancy, birth options and counselling services.

Tel: (Retreat) : 021 788 6413/ 073 174 1992

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

Nazareth House

Cape Town is a Non-Profit-Organisation (NPO) with facilities in Vredehoek and Elsies River. Nazareth House aims to provide a loving, stable and secure home environment for abandoned, neglected, disabled and orphaned children as well as a last resting place for children with terminal conditions who are unable to return home due to sociable ills. Nazareth House provides residential care for frail aged men and women in desperate need. The organization operates in Vredehoek and Elsevier.

Address: 1 Derry Road, Vredehoek, Cape Town 8001
Phone: (021) 461 1635

Welfare development, welfare reform, and child well-being

St Anne’s Home

Shelter for destitute and abused women and their children.

Tel: (Woodstock) : 021 448 6792 /After hours : 021 447 1779