Mission Of The Movement

If you’re a mother or a mother-supporter, you’re part of the ‘us’. We’re reclaiming our village and giving every new mother a voice, a community and a network of possibilities.

Embrace is a national movement for connected, supported and celebrated motherhood. We want to see every new mother embraced and flourishing from the start of her motherhood journey, understanding that an empowered and embraced mother raises a thriving child.


What We Do

Embrace facilitates the inspiration, mobilisation and connection between mothers. This is achieved through story-telling, creating platforms of possibility, and building relationships that benefit new mothers.

A small hub team, based in Cape Town, acts as the engine room for the movement. The direction of our work is determined by the ever-growing voices of new mothers across the country.

We use our Motherhood Manifesto as our guide to ensure that everything we seek to be a part of honours the mothers we seek to include.


We seek to inspire South Africa with the vision of embraced motherhood and to join the village of supporters who believe in the power of motherhood. Embrace acknowledges the magnitude of the transition to motherhood and aims to inspire mothers with a message of solidarity in the struggles, the joys and the mundane aspects of this new experience. Through a growing body of stories and intimate spaces of sharing, we hope to inspire new mothers to strengthen their personal sense of confidence and support women’s well-being in a vulnerable stage of their lives.


Embrace creates platforms and spaces where mothers and supporters are empowered to rally around the vision of making South Africa a great place to be a mother. This is a movement that celebrates communities of people finding creative ways to support and embrace mothers across the country. An example of this is Mother’s Day Connect


Motherhood is not meant to be travelled alone. That’s why this movement of mothers and supporters believes in the power of simple supportive connections. Embrace finds creative ways to build connection during a time when women are often home-bound and socially isolated. An example of our creative solution to connection is our WhatsApp motherhood book clubs.