This August. This Women’s Month. We’re claiming our space. We’re sticking up our hands and declaring #IamMother.

I am – because we have an existence before our children that continues after they are born. A unique identity that needs to be preserved. No one is “just a mother”. We are so much more and that is good.

Mother – because, in a country with so much division, motherhood is a shared collective identity that we can all tap into. It is a powerful opportunity to be seized for meaningful connection, solidarity and transformation. We are proud to be mothers.

Mother’s Day Connect

Mother’s Day Connect takes place across the country to celebrate new moms in birth facilities each Mother’s Day. We, the women of South Africa, believe that the rite of childbirth should be celebrated and supported. We believe that no mother should feel lonely or scared or powerless and that we, as fellow women, have a role to play in rebuilding the vital connections every mother needs to flourish in her motherhood journey.

Book Club

Our Mother’s Virtual Book Club connects mothers from across the country in a 10-week experience based on shared lessons and readings. Taking place over Whats App, our book club is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for Moms in the busy, early stages of motherhood. The guided discussions provide a unique opportunity to build strong bonds with fellow mothers and share in each other’s motherhood journey.

Tuesday Check-In

One mom, one check-in, every week. Strengthen the sisterhood through weekly encouragement.