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Meet Masego

Meet Maesgo, Mom for 70 days Every mother’s story is as unique and important as she is. Moms speak, we listen.  For our latest Meet The Mom we spoke to Masego Modisagae, a first time Mom. 1.) What word(s) would you use to describe your journey

#IAmMother: Zandile’s Story

What makes one lonely as a parent sometimes, is being alone, not having a family. I am a mother without a family, I stay alone at home, so at times I feel the need to speak to someone if my child is sick I feel

#IAmMother: Nomphilo’s Story

Nombuso: Nompilo, what do you enjoy the most about interacting with children? Nomphilo: My name is Nompilo. I really enjoy spending time with kids. Now that I have my own kid, I sit and talk with them, share stories, and they tell me about what

#IAmMother: Nombuso’s Story

Nomphilo: Okay Nombuso, which time have you enjoyed the most about being a mother? Nombuso: The time, oh, my name is Nombuso. The time that I enjoy the most about being a mother is that I can ask my kid to do errands for me,

#IAmMother: Eunice’s Story

Uh, this is mom Eunice speaking. I would like to talk about children who have problems, who are called special needs babies. I would like to ask that we take care of these kids, and give them extra love. Why? Because they tend to be

#IAmMother: Nokwanda’s Story

Okay my name is Nokwanda. When I had my first child it was very difficult because I had no one helping me, I was renting out a place. So I decided that it’s best that I return home so that my mom can help because

#IAmMother: Hlengiwe’s Story

What I would like to talk about, is how, eish, we should behave as women, eish, because things are not alright in South Africa. Like, we should use condoms because you might meet a guy and he doesn’t tell you that he is positive, then

#IAmMother: Nomvula’s Story

The one person who has been very supportive in this motherhood journey, is my husband. My husband has been a great support in an amazing way, in such a way that when the child, our first child, our first child is called Khwezi, when they

#IAmMother: Agrineth’s Story

I have a great relationship with my children, I am like a sister to them. I advise them, they listen to me, they are coping, others are working right now, one is about to complete school. They tell me about anything, we get along amazingly

#IAmMother: Nwabisa’s Story

The kindest to me was my mother, you know my mother was the best even though she is no longer alive.By the time the father of my child left me he did not support the child, but my mother never deserted me she raised my