The Motherhood Manifesto

Our Motherhood Manifesto is a set of 13 statements which form the foundation of what we stand for as movement builders. The manifesto was born from the words of mothers around the country, condensed into a statement of values and beliefs we hold very dear. All our words and actions are informed by this Manifesto to ensure accountability and authenticity of our movement.

We, as mothers and mother supporters believeā€¦

  • We are diverse but united by our common experiences of motherhood
  • Every mother can gain from and contribute to the movement
  • Every mother is the expert on HER child
  • Every mother is worthy of care and support
  • We listen first and then speak
  • We encourage and support rather than judge and criticise
  • How we do things is as important as what we do
  • Our voices and stories are powerful
  • What divides us needs to be diminished
  • Friendship and community are critical for our mental health and wellbeing
  • There are many good practices of motherhood, but no single way to mother our children.
  • We acknowledge and value the role of culture and beliefs in the way they shape our motherhood journey.
  • We have the right to celebrate our children and honour our role as mothers of the next generation.

Listen To Our Voices

If this Manifesto speaks to you, please join us in building our movement for mothers.

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