Mothers of South Africa, we understand that the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) presents us with a time of great uncertainty. Many of us are anxious – for our children, our families, for ourselves and for our future. As we continue the work of mothering, in physical distance from our communities of support, we need to remind each other that we aren’t alone.

We’ve started Messages for Mothers (M4M) to keep mothers informed, connected and encouraged using digital channels like social media and WhatsApp.

We are a growing collective of mother-supporting organisations and individuals  working together to create and curate simple content that answers the questions mothers have about COVID-19 and its effect on the physical and mental well-being of themselves and their families. We want to create, curate and share content that is helpful, kind, evidence-based, multi-lingual and relevant for mothers in South Africa.


You can help us spread support and kindness to other mothers in the following ways:

Share this content – everything we create is open-source and is free for use by individuals and organisations.

Help us with translations – we want to translate these messages into all the South African languages. Can you help?

Inspiration – got a skill, talent or tip that could translate into a message of encouragement? Please share it with us.

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