#IAmMother - Stories of Motherhood

Nomfundo’s Story

“My mom was not married then and it was always known with the nurses at that time, they’re very strict with young girls who had kids when they were still single.” Listen to her story 

Zama’s Story

“My granny told me that everything was going to be fine if we pray, everything is going to be fine. It was bad… yeah. I almost cried a lot because I was scared.” Listen to her story 

Shana’s Story

“I think people are not equipped to handle mother’s emotions and if we had support groups… just readily available, because a lot of the women that are suffering can’t pay for any of these things and if we had support groups, or just places where women could go and say, “I’m a mom, this is how I feel” and there were trained people to deal with it… I think that would help a lot.” Listen to her story…

Chloe’s Story

“I often feel things that aren’t mine, so often I’ll feel scared or I’ll feel sad or angry and it’s not a fear that I can track to any place in my life and then if I feel deeper into that then I realize that it’s probably my mother’s fear.” Listen to her story…

Ruth’s Story

“I know that she had to labour on her back and that she had a foetal heart monitor strapped to her, that she laboured for 12 hours, and that she birthed on her own and that I was 5 kilos. But she never spoke about it a negative way, she always spoke about it in a very positive way and she gave me a very positive imprint of my birth.” Listen to her story…