#IAmMother - Stories of Motherhood

Kitso’s Story

“Everyday it’s like the first day. I want to keep it that way and I think… initially I thought it was going to be difficult, especially with her mother not being my child but… it’s super.” Listen to her story 

Thokozani’s Story

“I would say it’s so much challenging, it challenged me up to the point where I was mentally affected as well. It is so difficult because I have to become a psychiatrist to my husband because he was brain damaged.” Listen to her story 

Sime’s Story

“So one of the days I told him that I’m a teenager too so stop giving me stress. So he was giving me stress, he was doing hair styles, then at school they said he shouldn’t come back with that hairstyle and then I was asking “why are you doing hairstyles? Why are you putting those bracelets in your hand?” because he feels he’s getting old and he’s cute and he thinks he’s attracting the girls.” Listen to her story 

Nomvula’s Story

“Ngalendlela yokuthi uthola ukuthi i-bond phakathi kwabo naye isiyakhula kakhulu. Ngisho noma ngabe siyahamba siya ezinkonzweni, uyangilekelela ekuphatheni umntwana, uyamphatha umntwana, sishintshisane ngaye endleleni. So, ube wusizo olukhulu ngalendlela eyisimanga umyeni wami …” Listen to her story…

Cindy’s Story

“He understands when I say “I need space; can you hold him for me?” And he volunteers to do things that I think that other men wouldn’t necessarily want to do like wash nappies with poo. And yeah, it was also just like in terms of during the birthing process, it is like he was… I feel like it was like a real hero just like playing a supportive role.” Listen to her story…