#IAmMother - Stories of Motherhood

Thando’s Story

“We love ourselves and we do take care of it but the thing is, we don’t have much access in clinics to [get] prevention. In our clinics, the nurses are not [very] friendly, they’re too likely to judge too much and privacy actually – we don’t have that privacy.” Listen to her story 

Sane’s Story

“… but watching her, how she raises her and also how she communicates with me as the mother, that on its own just makes me appreciate everything that she has done for me …” Listen to her story…

Nomonde’s Story

“I took care of my child at the time in such a way that when it was break time, once that bell rings for break, I would run home quickly to go and breastfeed my child and go back to school again and then I would continue with my studies and then every time when there was break time, I would make sure that I breastfeed …” Listen to her story…