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You know; I think what makes it easier is that every child is so different. So you love every child for a different reason and in a different way. Some you love because they look so damn cute and you can’t get your eyes off them, others it’s their personality that sticks out to you first. So you start loving them each for a different reason.

I think also because the children aren’t always with us for so long; you just want to give them as much love as you possibly can and I actually don’t think that your heart has a capacity, I think you can actually just love and love and love because it doesn’t matter how many children we get sent, we find love – or something to love and some love to give to every single kid that crosses our path.

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I listen and observe whilst I make photographs. The way stories are told and their details shape the way I frame, select and position shapes and people in my photographs. To tell ones story in a safe space is a healing and cathartic act. To listen to stories is a bonding act. Hearing accounts of lived experiences is transformational. It stirs up a new sense of who one is and can be


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