#IAmMother - Stories of Motherhood

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Having a baby at a very young age for me; it taught me to be responsible first of all because at the time I was in school, I was schooling. Having a child at home, I had to leave the child at home and then go to school.

I took care of my child at the time in such a way that when it was break time, once that bell rings for break, I would run home quickly to go and breastfeed my child and go back to school again and then I would continue with my studies and then every time when there was break time, I would make sure that I breastfeed. So it taught me responsibility and then the love was there and yeah… I took good care of her… even though I was so young.

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I listen and observe whilst I make photographs. The way stories are told and their details shape the way I frame, select and position shapes and people in my photographs. To tell ones story in a safe space is a healing and cathartic act. To listen to stories is a bonding act. Hearing accounts of lived experiences is transformational. It stirs up a new sense of who one is and can be


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