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Right, I’m Nonjabulo. What am I doing, is taking care of my family… while renting a chain, one of those saloons because I want to be an independent woman because I’m not after any sponsoring because here, we don’t have much finance supporting systems. So I’m trying to first start with my business and maybe it will go well – maybe I won’t end up renting, maybe I’ll end up having my own hair saloon because I love everything about hair.

Must I tell you about my motherhood? Motherhood, it’s such a beautiful journey, it’s a very beautiful journey. Once you start to enjoy it and stuff. Start accepting the challenges that you end up having, it’s very beautiful. If you tell yourself, “I’m going to love what I have, I’m going to be pride of what I have, I’m going to be that woman who will make a change in that environment you are in.” I like helping people – helping people is the most beautiful thing I want to experience, because [non?] mothers, I don’t know how they would understand because motherhood is a beautiful journey that you need to follow. For me, I have been through worse, I can say that, but I’m proud that I have conquered it, because I was raped when I was 11 and I think I was doing Grade 3.

Yes, I was raped by a foreign man, he was renting at my home. So one day my mother wasn’t there so he took the chance to take advantage of me, letting me suck his thing, taking advantage of me, knowing my background because he has been there, he knows our struggles. So I was raised by a single parent which I’m very proud of and I have learnt so much from her. He has taught me so much; we are 5 at home. We are 5 but I’m the only girl so I have to be strong, I’m the eldest, I have to act this boy childhood life and I had to play this woman part and I’m enjoying it, I’m enjoying it. With my mother on my side, it’s beautiful, I love them all.

Meet the artist

Ashleigh Wegener

Photography, to me, is an art form that aptly depicts a moment in a person’s life to characterize and immortalize a glimpse into the essence of that beautiful individual or moment. As a South African we seem to have developed a strength, a drive and I have the honour and privilege of being able to use my camera as a tool to help tell the story, to evoke memory, and emotion, to teach that we are stronger than we think, to remind women of their unique beauty and ever enduring strength.
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