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Okay… the kindest person in my motherhood journey I would say… most of the time it was the neighbours… outside our people from the community. I remember the other day because I got a…I was operated.

Then this old lady, she was our neighbour, she used to carry a bucket for me for… a bucket of water to wash the clothes for the baby, because at home, I didn’t get support at home. No one was supporting me, I had to carry a bucket while my stitches were still fresh and I had to do everything for my baby, I had to wash my baby, look after my baby, I had to clean because they were expecting me to clean the house after they went to work and the other one went to school, I had to clean – they were expecting for them to back and the house is spotless and clean and tidy.

So I would say throughout this journey only the outside people from the community because even when we were left alone, only the outside people, not my relatives who were able to help us to get money to go to UNISA and yeah… even friends, I didn’t have much friends at that time because it was hard for me to trust anyone because I was once betrayed by a friend, whom I trusted then, yeah… even now I’m trying to gain that trust back, to trust someone, especially in terms of friendship because – I also thank Azime who introduced me to Nomfundo to join this group of women, it’s really helping me because I’m able to open up, I found sisters whom I can talk to freely and not scared with maybe I’ll hear my story from someone else.

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Ashleigh Wegener

Photography, to me, is an art form that aptly depicts a moment in a person’s life to characterize and immortalize a glimpse into the essence of that beautiful individual or moment. As a South African we seem to have developed a strength, a drive and I have the honour and privilege of being able to use my camera as a tool to help tell the story, to evoke memory, and emotion, to teach that we are stronger than we think, to remind women of their unique beauty and ever enduring strength.
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