#IAmMother - Stories of Motherhood

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The kindest to me was my mother, you know umama wam she was the best even though she is no longer alive. By the time utata womntana waye wandishiya zange amondle umntana, but umama zange andilahle waye wandikhulisela umntana wamhoya umntana wam. Now I am a proud mother because even my mother showed uthando kum nomntana wam, umntana wam una-9 years  now ufunda ugrade 3.

Umama wam wasweleka ngo 2014 February nge-7. Ndiza kuhlala ndimkhumbula because udlale a big role to my life. Umntana wam ukwikhaya eli safe bcoz of my mother. Umntana wam unendlela yothetha because of iteaching ezisuka kumama wam. She never turn her back on me waye wandisapota xa ndipregnant, utata womntana wam zange ayidlale irole of being a father to his son, he ran away he left me with a baby. I cried each and every day but I go back to my mother and my mother wamthatha umntana wam wamkhulisa wamondla wandithumela back esikolweni ukuba mandiyofunda.

Today ndiyiteacher yasepre-school I have my level 5 because of her, wathi msapha umntana ndiza kumkhulisa, wena hamba iya esikolweni uyofunda. I’ve got a career now I’m a teacher I want to have my degree so that I could go to primary school and be a teacher there, she was the best to me.

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Andy Mkosi

Photographing the story telling circles has been more than just a job for me or another photography booking. It definitely had me questioning my relationship with my mother and got me thinking about it actively and how I can be a better daughter and assist her where I can. I totally related with some of the stories shared, further solidifying the fact that you do not have to give birth in order to understand mothers or be a mother. The circles has allowed me to redefine what being a mother is entirely. I definitely want to host a circle with my aunts, cousins, mom, gran and the rest of the matriarchs in the Mkosi family to have similar conversations.


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