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For me it’s that like mothers can support each other, which means they can meet, like find that space of their own mothers and come together and talk about what each mother needs and what each mother – where she feels like she doesn’t get enough of how can we come together and support each other… Help the child grow, and what we know and what we don’t know.  And when we come together as mothers, we’ll find that easier because maybe some other mother will tell you that ‘I can’t find when to put my child to sleep’ and you can give an advice to that mother, like, how to do it. And when the mother becomes so depressed and so tired, when it comes to that, when a child is crying, you will become more anxious and more sad, then you feel like you want to give up. But if we had that support as mothers, it will be, like, easier way to find how to let the child so… And if the government will come with a solution where, like, a plan on how to support the mothers because they are some mothers that are first time mothers, they are young, they don’t know how to cope, to be a parent. So it will be easy for government can come up with a plan of action in that for mothers. It will be a great thing for us mothers; it will be an easy way to be a mother. And we’ll be just grateful and it will come with joy at the end because you will now have, you know, you can, I can rely on this one, I can rely on that one. Even in the community – also the community – can be helpful in terms of, like here, in Redhill, there is no support to each other. We don’t have support, till the women from Embrace came to… Now we know we can go where, you know, like if I couldn’t cope we know what to do, but we still have the little information with us, we need that support.

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Andy Mkosi

Photographing the story telling circles has been more than just a job for me or another photography booking. It definitely had me questioning my relationship with my mother and got me thinking about it actively and how I can be a better daughter and assist her where I can. I totally related with some of the stories shared, further solidifying the fact that you do not have to give birth in order to understand mothers or be a mother. The circles has allowed me to redefine what being a mother is entirely. I definitely want to host a circle with my aunts, cousins, mom, gran and the rest of the matriarchs in the Mkosi family to have similar conversations.


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