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So being a young mother hasn’t been very easy but with my mom’s support it has been the greatest journey ever. With that being said; it’s because my daughter lives with my mom and so I only see her on weekends, but every single day when I talk to her over the phone, she sends me Whatsapp’s of things that my daughter does; new things and she always shares all of those moments with me, so as much as I don’t spend time with her, but I appreciate the fact that she hasn’t neglected me being the mother and helping me and letting me know what new things she does and what we should try now as she has gotten to a different stage of growing.

So for me, that has been so much fun and I appreciate that so much and also the fact that with me growing up without her … also has an impact on how I appreciate everything that she done, because as much as I thought she was neglecting me, but watching her, how she raises her and also how she communicates with me as the mother, that on its own just makes me appreciate everything that she has done for me.



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I listen and observe whilst I make photographs. The way stories are told and their details shape the way I frame, select and position shapes and people in my photographs. To tell ones story in a safe space is a healing and cathartic act. To listen to stories is a bonding act. Hearing accounts of lived experiences is transformational. It stirs up a new sense of who one is and can be


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