#IAmMother - Stories of Motherhood

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Okay, so… Women of Worth Circle – story telling circle has a very brilliant session basically got us women to actually talk about our motherhood journeys, the difficulties we’ve faced, basically how we bring that is not one of the last ones.

I can just say what I took out of this session was… what actually makes us who we are and as mothers; it’s basically everything that we go through, everything that we don’t share, like how it felt when you first saw your child, how wonderful and challenging it is to see them grow up.

So the types of sessions that everybody just wants to have an opportunity to and be grateful that it actually came to us with our resources so that we can actually get a chance to heal other people through our stories. Thank you very much.

Meet the artist

Ashleigh Wegener

Photography, to me, is an art form that aptly depicts a moment in a person’s life to characterize and immortalize a glimpse into the essence of that beautiful individual or moment. As a South African we seem to have developed a strength, a drive and I have the honour and privilege of being able to use my camera as a tool to help tell the story, to evoke memory, and emotion, to teach that we are stronger than we think, to remind women of their unique beauty and ever enduring strength.
You are woman, let them hear your Roar!


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