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My daughter was born in 2014. It was really bad because when I got to the labour ward, it was hard – the nurses told me that there was something that didn’t go out in my womb so I have to go to the ICU for that.

They told me that I lost a lot of blood on that day so I had to go to ICU for more blood in my body. It was hard because they told me at first that I should go to the theatre. So when the doctors got there, they said it was fine, I can go through to the ICU to get more blood. So I got the blood and it was fine, it was a done deal so… it was good and I’m here now, I’m alive, so it’s fine… yeah.

I almost cried that day… but yeah, my granny told me that everything was going to be fine if we pray, everything is going to be fine. It was bad… yeah. I almost cried a lot because I was scared.

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Ashleigh Wegener

Photography, to me, is an art form that aptly depicts a moment in a person’s life to characterize and immortalize a glimpse into the essence of that beautiful individual or moment. As a South African we seem to have developed a strength, a drive and I have the honour and privilege of being able to use my camera as a tool to help tell the story, to evoke memory, and emotion, to teach that we are stronger than we think, to remind women of their unique beauty and ever enduring strength.
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