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Through our work, we’ve seen the power of storytelling. We’re asking you, our Embrace community, to share your stories of birthing and parenting premature infants. Your story could be just what a fellow mom who is sitting in the NICU, willing her baby to grow, needs.

November is World Prematurity Month. Imagine emerging from pregnancy and the fog of birth only to be faced with the myriad of medical jargon and life-or-death decisions you must make quickly to keep your baby alive. Imagine watching their tiny form learning to breathe and survive before your very eyes, and not being able to cradle them, or assure them it will be okay. Too many moms of babies born prematurely – 15 million across the world each year – know what this feels like. It can be difficult to know how to best support these moms through this, especially when the care of their babies is largely out of their hands. Through our work, we’ve seen the power of a few kind words to show a mother she’s seen and supported. In proud partnership with Preemie Connect, we’re asking you, our Embrace community, to join our letter-writing campaign for mothers who are waiting for the premature babies to come home.

Read the Stories of Preemie Moms

Meet Amanda, Preemie Mom

And remember, never ever lose hope and talk to that little person as if they can hear and understand you. Let them know how much you love them and how much you need them to fight for you.

Meet Maurita, Preemie Mom

That blew me away. That she knew something I didn’t know and was so calm and collected with him.

Meet Emma, Preemie Mom

If you happen to be one of those moms, I wish you courage, strength and patience. You are that baby’s rock, their place of safety and their first love. The road is slow but you will get there eventually. From one mom to another, keep it together and know that someone is rooting for you.

Meet Lauren, Preemie Mom

My Matteo was on earth for ten days. In that time I saw what can only be described as miracles happening because of how this tiny baby brought people together. Your baby will have a different journey, and you will learn things about yourself you never knew. Just know this: you are enough. And I am certain these gladiator babies choose their moms very specifically, no matter how long they are in the arena. I wish you hope and strength for your journey in the most sacred trust of all: motherhood.

Meet Desirè, Preemie Mom

Depend on your family for support and know that your strength filters down to baby and vice versa.

Meet Karina, Preemie Mom

Trust in your body, if it gave birth before the due date is because it was the best to do that, something went wrong and your baby is better out than inside your body.

Meet Claire, Preemie Mom

Your baby will be ready one day soon, and all this will be over. S/he will grow big and strong and no-one will ever believe they were ever a preemie.

Meet Kabelo, Preemie Mom

When I told my granny she said, ‘You are in labour !’ I laughed at her and said I still have two months to go, how is that possible.

Meet Lynn, Preemie Mom

Get as much sleep as you can, trust that your little one is growing as fast as they can so they can come home with you.

Meet Kerry-Ann, Preemie Mom

Be brave, find courage in your little fighters. They are small but they are mighty.

Meet Kristin, Preemie Mom

At that point, your baby needs you, and you need to be there. You push all your emotions away, and move forward somehow so that you can be there. You feel numb and overwhelmed with caring for this tiny human. I also felt unsupported emotionally because nobody else I knew had a preemie and didn’t understand what I was going through, I would often get comments that they might have thought were supportive but I found them insensitive and hurtful.

Meet Carmen, Preemie Mom

Take one day at a time. Soon your baby will be home.

Meet Tania, Preemie Mom

Stay strong and hopeful. Keep informed too. Make sure the doctors are keeping you in the loop. And always remember to only panic when the nurses do.

Meet Gail, Preemie Mom

My ‘words of wisdom’ would be to remain calm, as your baby can sense your emotions. Babies are tougher than we think and will surprise you over and over again.

Meet Anonymous, A Preemie Mom

Celebrate the smallest milestones- holding your baby for the first time, even changing a nappy for the 1st time! And savour these moments.

Meet Jadi, Preemie Mom

Giving birth to a premature baby is the same as going on a roller coaster ride. It is an up and down ride, you will scream and cry out of fear and in the same breath scream and cry laughter.

Meet Karen, Preemie Mom

There WILL be days with bad news, cry if you need to and then just know that tomorrow is another day and progress and good news will come. Preemies are the best fighters in the world!

Meet Bibi, Preemie Mom

Don’t be shy to ask and take help, you too need to rest and take care of your well-being.

Meet Sue, Preemie Mom

Be kind to yourself also – this is a big deal and your emotions will be all over the place so accept it and give yourself space to heal.

Meet Rechelle, Preemie Mom

Your baby will thrive on your positivity. Most of all… you are stronger than what you think and man these preemies are real little fighters.

Encourage a Preemie Mom on World Prematurity Day

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