Embrace Mothers’ Virtual Book Club

We know settling into motherhood can be challenging. And finding the time to disconnect and step away from it all is difficult. Our book club gives moms the opportunity to build connections with fellow Mothers and explore your own needs and expectations about motherhood, all without having to leave the comfort of your home. If you’re looking to connect to with a tribe of Mothers committed to being open, honest and supportive while accepting the challenges of motherhood and celebrating the joys, join us for virtual book club.

How it works:

  1.  Sign up to let us know you’re interested and we’ll send you more details about our next available dates
  2. You then can confirm if you’d like to be officially added to a group.
  3. You’ll be grouped with no more than 10 other moms and your group will be led by an experienced book club reader.
  4. We’ll send you a hard copy of the book and introductions to your virtual group.
  5. Every Monday from 20h00-21h00 over ten consecutive weeks, your group will “meet” via a What’s App chat group to share your thoughts, reflections and questions from one chapter of the book.

What other Mothers have loved about the experience:

“The fact that I could connect with other mommies from the convenience of home. It’s difficult to set time aside but this platform lends itself to being diligent about connecting.”

“I enjoyed the raw, real life talks I could have with moms who could give me advice and understood what I was experiencing.”

About the Book & Author

Our first and current book selection is Motherhood & Me by Lindy Bruce. Lindy’s real-life account of her own journey as a new mom is relatable and insightful. The book offers practical guidance and exercises to help Moms rediscover themselves, support each other and embrace the unique gift of motherhood.

Number of Readers

A note from Lindy:

“I am deeply grateful to Embrace and every member of this book-club. You are the physical manifestation of my motivation for writing Motherhood and Me. I had a heart-felt desire to connect women through our collective journey of raising children because only another mother can truly understand the duality of the experience: joy and despair; faith and fear; love and loss. Through the process of openly, honestly and courageously sharing our experiences we help each other to find that which has always been within us, but has somehow got lost between the nappy changes and mid-night feeds, the school run and bath-time: our individuality, sparkle and fullest potential as women.”

Following the success of Motherhood and Me, Lindy went on to create COOL TO BE ME – a series of children’s stories, coupled with conversations, games, activities and a corresponding school curriculum. If you would like to find out how to purchase this series, please visit www.cooltobeme.com.

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