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We, the women of South Africa, believe that the rite of childbirth should be celebrated and supported. It is not only the birth of a child, but also the birth of a mother. We believe that no mother should feel lonely or scared or powerless and that we, as fellow women, have a role to play in rebuilding the vital connections every mother needs to flourish in her motherhood journey.

On Sunday, 13 May 2018, Mother’s Day Connect will be taking place for the third year running. With the support of women from around the country, we hope to bring this special sisterhood celebration to at least 9 cities this year!

How Mother’s Day Connect works:

  • Women nominate their nearest maternity unit/birth facility for inclusion in Mother’s Day Connect
  • We help them gain necessary permissions for a visit (it’s not difficult and we help every step of the way!).
  • We create a team profile (a ‘mini event’ for each team visit) on our website with a certain number of open spots for other women to join in.
  • Other women sign up to join the team. Together, they prepare for their visit.
  • Every team visits their maternity unit for one hour during the course of Mother’s Day, celebrating all the new mothers and the nursing staff.

To find out if your nearest maternity unit is already on our radar, sign up here and you’ll be directed to see our growing list of approved visiting sites. If you don’t see your hospital or city on the list, please contact us via as soon as possible, and we’ll help you get started!

Ways to support Mother’s Day Connect:

  • Nominate a new hospital and start a team
  • Join a team for a one-hour visit
  • Donate items for teams to gift the new moms and nursing staff
  • Spread the news! Share Mother’s Day Connect with your community.

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What women said about Mother’s Day Connect 2017:

“I have been reminded that our mothers are strong and brave and magnificent! I’m a mother and I’m feeling a bit prouder about that right now!”

“Today I saw the sisterhood of mothers in action. We cried, we laughed, we celebrated. It has been years since I birthed my children and yet the memories were fresh! There was a real sense of joy and hope and friendship as we shared our stories.”

“There is no better way to celebrate being a mother on Mother’s Day than to share it with other mothers whilst we marvel together at the new life in our world! I wish to never celebrate this day in any other way!”

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