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Network Building for change


Founded in 2019, the Mamandla Fellowship provides an opportunity to harness the collective efforts of our work and passions for the good of all mothers, and to leverage the power of our diverse experiences through a network of relationships.

Mamandla Fellowship
Collective action

The Learning Community

If you have followed Embrace’s various campaigns on social media and wondered how you can get involved off-line, then this learning community is for you. Designed with action and activism in mind, this material will equip you with the information on the broader national context of motherhood in South Africa and the key levers that we need to shift to make South Africa the best place to be a mother.

The Learning Community
Network Building for change

Messages for Mothers

Messages for Mothers (M4M) is intended to keep mothers informed, connected and encouraged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

M4M website
Network Building for change

Community Care

Pioneered by Flash and DG Murray Trust, the CoCare Voucher Programme works with local and regional Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to determine which communities are most at-risk regarding food- and economic security.

Electronic vouchers are sent out so as to avoid the logistical inefficiencies of food parcel delivery, allowing CoCare Voucher recipients to redeem their vouchers at a partner store of their choosing. Embrace is working with Grow Great to support project leader, VPUU ,in the registration and roll-out of CoCare vouchers to 5000 pregnant women in the Western Cape.

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Collective action

Storytelling and sharing

We believe in centering mothers’ stories. Head over to our blog to read and share some of those stories.

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Advocacy and lobbying


Embrace keeps a library of emerging and established research and theories into the best practices of care and support for mothers.

Research Library
Advocacy and lobbying


Need help or support? Please look through our resources. If you have an organisation you would like to include on this list please let us know the details by emailing

Resource Library
Collective action


When the daily grind of motherhood feels overwhelming or isolating, a simple message of “I see you” or “you’re doing a great job and I’m thinking of you” goes a long way. Let’s fight the disconnect and strengthen our village. Commit to using the check-in images we’ve curated to encourage one mom with one check-in each Tuesday.

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Collective action

Mother’s Day Connect

For some women, Mother’s Day is a grand celebration. For others, the day goes by completely unnoticed, over-shadowed by the complexities of life. At Embrace, we believe that the rite of birth should be celebrated and supported. It is not only the birth of a child, but also the birth of a mother. Mother’s Day Connect is a campaign to honour both of those births.. The campaign brings together women from across the country on Mother’s Day to acknowledge and celebrate the bond of motherhood.

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