Mother's Day Connect

One hour, every mother.

How Mother’s Day Connect works:

  • Women nominate their nearest maternity unit/birth facility for inclusion in Mother’s Day Connect
  • We help them gain necessary permissions for a visit (it’s not difficult and we help every step of the way!).
  • We create a team profile (a ‘mini event’ for each team visit) on our website with a certain number of open spots for other women to join in.
  • Other women sign up to join the team. Together, they prepare for their visit.
  • Every team visits their maternity unit for one hour during the course of Mother’s Day, celebrating all the new mothers and the nursing staff.

The concept of Mother’s Day Connect does not have to be limited to Mother’s Day but can be used throughout the year. We have a collection of resources available to help you with contacting a hospital and finding out how you can assist.

What women experienced at Mother’s Day Connect 2018:

“There were so many moments I hold close to my heart. I cannot isolate just one but I will say that I am a changed person for having had this experience.”

“Being able to just be there to support these beautiful moms on Mother’s Day. The love and light we all felt in that ward warmed my heart.”

“Meeting moms so different to me and continuing my journey of realising that the motherhood journey looks so different for each of us, but each lived experience is still valid and valuable.”

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