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Mother’s Day Connect 2020 Postponed

Dear Embrace Movement,

After consulting with our CEO who is both a medical doctor and public health specialist, we have made the decision to postpone MDC 2020. We do not want to cause alarm, but the reality is that with winter approaching, we may see further steps being taken to prevent transmission of the novel Coronavirus. It’s possible that hospitals may be placing heightened restrictions on access, and public officials may be advising people to avoid convening large group gatherings. The nature of the MDC celebration makes it unwise to proceed at this time. As a movement for ALL mothers in South Africa, our primary responsibility is the well-being of ALL mothers, including those who work at hospitals. We want to be mindful of mothers’ physical and mental health as we understand that anxiety is high at this time. Moms may be scared. We don’t want our MDC celebration to add to their anxiety.

So, what are the next steps?

We will STILL be celebrating Mother’s Day – we’re thinking about how we do this safely – so stay connected to us and watch this space ;).


We’re hoping to move MDC 2020 to Women’s Day (9 August). Hopefully things will have stabilised by this time. We will be in close consultation with public health experts and we will monitor the feasibility of an August celebration closer to the time. Women’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for us to make a stand about including mothers and motherhood as a feminist issue of equal value to all the other issues we need to address to show that we value women in South Africa.

Once again, we are so grateful for your commitment to mothers and making the motherhood experience better for all mothers. Now more than ever, we need community and sisterhood, and we know you stand with us to keep Embrace a safe space and a support hub for mothers and mother-supporters in these strange times.

Yours in the sisterhood of motherhood,

The Embrace Hub Team

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