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How we work

Embrace is a network-driven movement that is open to any individual, group or organisation passionate about making mothers and motherhood matter in South Africa, in benefit of women who mother and the children they raise.

Our core objectives are to:

Put motherhood issues firmly on the national agenda; and


Mobilise key stakeholders around the motherhood vision in such a way that it grows support for the vision and enables collective action.

To this end, we work with or on ideas or initiatives that:

  • Are proudly pro-mother;
  • Are owned by or involve community-embedded leaders or groups;
  • Are directed and informed (or interested in being directed and informed) by the experiences and voices of mothers on the ground;
  • Focus on matters of importance related to early motherhood priority areas, i.e. birth, breastfeeding and belonging; and
  • Will drive change for mothers in South Africa.