Help us put the Sisterhood back into Mother’s Day!

Gather your mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends and spend one hour at your local maternity home celebrating new mothers.

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Mother’s Day Card

If you would like to print Mother’s Day cards for your visit, you can access it below in different languages.



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Who can be a part of Mother’s Day Connect 2017?

Mother’s Day Connect (MDC) is open for any women who would like to visit, encourage and support other women as they start their motherhood journeys. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of childbirth and respecting cultural practices, men are not permitted to visit as part of MDC.

Is Mother’s Day Connect only for women in Cape Town?

No! Mother’s Day Connect started in Cape Town, but we want to grow this movement to include women from around the country. If you’re reading this from outside the Western Cape, we need you!

Is Mother’s Day Connect only for public hospitals and Midwife and Obstetric Units (MoU)?

At this stage, yes. Mother’s Day Connect was sparked to address the inequality of Mother’s Day – that some mothers receive lavish gifts, kindness and care on Mother’s Day, whilst others go un-recognised. We realise that many mothers who give birth at public hospitals are surrounded by great support networks, but we also know that many aren’t. Our best chance at making Mother’s Day inclusive for all new moms is to focus on public maternity units.

How do I join a hospital?

Go to our Facebook event page, scroll through the hospital posts and fill in the form linked in the post. Don’t forget to comment on the thread so you can join in the planning conversation. You can also search for listed hospitals on our Mother’s Day Connect web page and click the form link to sign up.

My nearest hospital/ MoU isn’t listed yet. What do I do?

Start a team for your hospital/ MoU

How do I start a team?

Sign up on the Mother’s Day Connect page and tell us which maternity unit you would like to visit. We’ll contact you to send you all the information you need to contact your local hospital to gain permission for a visit. Once permission is granted, your hospital will be listed on the Facebook event page and you will be named as the leader/ co-leader. If there is still space to join your team, people will be encouraged to sign up to join you under your thread on the Facebook page.

What do leaders do?
  • Communicate with the hospital (we can assist you with this, if needed)
  • Communicate with your teammates – decide on what you will be bringing/ when you will be meeting etc.
  • Communicate with us – we want to make sure we capture the magic of the day and list every hospital visiting team across the country. We’ll be in touch with you to get the details :)
How many leaders do you need per team?

It depends entirely on you. For a small 8-bed Midwife and Obstetric Unit (MoU), you would only need one leader. For bigger hospitals with more than one ward, you may want to consider asking some friends to co-lead with you.

How do you know how many volunteers are needed for each maternity unit?

The number of volunteers should never exceed the number of beds in the ward. Our recommendation is to have half the number of volunteers to the number of beds. It is unlikely that the ward will be completely full. If it is, one volunteer will easily be able to visit with two moms in an hour.

How do I know who is on my team?
  • If you’re a team leader, we will send you a spreadsheet of everyone signed up to visit with you as soon as your team is full.
  • We encourage everyone to also comment and chat on the Facebook event page under your hospital thread. This will allow you to see who is coming and to engage with them directly.
How many moms can we expect to visit?

It’s very difficult to say as one can never predict the number of women giving birth at a facility on any given day. You might arrive to a fairly empty ward and it could be full by the time you are ready to leave. You should be prepared to visit as many moms as there are beds in the facility.

What should we bring for the mothers?
  • The emphasis of this day is on encouragement and kindness, but we all know a small gift goes a long way in making someone feel special. You may want to bring along some baked treats or you might want to get donations for goody bags. It’s entirely up to you! We’ll be posting some gift suggestions on the Facebook page in case you’re needing some inspiration.
  • We will be creating a very special and unique Mother’s Day card which will be available for download and print in multiple languages. We would encourage you to ensure that each mom receives a card to commemorate her part in this special movement.
Should we bring something for the babies?
  • You are most welcome to bring something for the babies. Please ensure that if you bring second hand items that they are clean and of good quality.
  • We will be encouraging all volunteers to bring a children’s book from their home to start a new baby’s library. We’ll be sharing more information about this in due course.
What should we bring for the nurses?

Many of the nurses are mothers too. Why not bring them some cake to make their Mother’s Day tea time just a little bit sweeter? :)

Help! I’m really shy. What do I say to a mom I don’t know?

We understand that visiting a stranger can be a little bit awkward. Start by introducing yourself, wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day and complementing her sweet new baby. Other kind questions: How are you feeling? What is your baby’s name? Does the name have any special meaning?

Are we allowed to take photographs?

We would love you to take a team photograph outside of the hospital. Please share it with us. Many hospitals have very strict photo policies and will not allow you to take photographs inside. By signing up as a volunteer you are agreeing to follow the rules of the hospital. If they are relaxed with this rule, please do not take any photographs of a mother or her baby without her expressed permission. We want to encourage volunteers to be very sensitive to the mood of the room and to the mood of the mothers. Many mothers would prefer not to have their photograph taken on the day they have given birth. Please respect this.

Can I bring my children with?

No, children under the age of 13 are not allowed to visit maternity units. Please do not bring your young children along with you as there will be no one to look after them whilst you go and visit.

I have another question. Who can I ask?

Feel free to ask your questions on the Embrace Mother’s Day Connect Facebook Events page. You can also email us at