#IAmMother - Stories of Motherhood

Kitso’s Story

“Everyday it’s like the first day. I want to keep it that way and I think… initially I thought it was going to be difficult, especially with her mother not being my child but… it’s super.” Listen to her story 

Thokozani’s Story

“I would say it’s so much challenging, it challenged me up to the point where I was mentally affected as well. It is so difficult because I have to become a psychiatrist to my husband because he was brain damaged.” Listen to her story 

Thabile’s Story

“What actually makes us who we are and as mothers; it’s basically everything that we go through, everything that we don’t share, like how it felt when you first saw your child, how wonderful and challenging it is to see them grow up.” Listen to her story 

Sime’s Story

“So one of the days I told him that I’m a teenager too so stop giving me stress. So he was giving me stress, he was doing hair styles, then at school they said he shouldn’t come back with that hairstyle and then I was asking “why are you doing hairstyles? Why are you putting those bracelets in your hand?” because he feels he’s getting old and he’s cute and he thinks he’s attracting the girls.” Listen to her story 

Nonjabulo’s Story

” Motherhood, it’s such a beautiful journey, it’s a very beautiful journey. Once you start to enjoy it and stuff. Start accepting the challenges that you end up having, it’s very beautiful. If you tell yourself, “I’m going to love what I have, I’m going to be pride of what I have, I’m going to be that woman who will make a change in that environment you are in.”” Listen to her story 

Nomfundo’s Story

“My mom was not married then and it was always known with the nurses at that time, they’re very strict with young girls who had kids when they were still single.” Listen to her story 

Nomfundo’s Story

“we spend so much time regretting, crying, resenting the journey of being mothers due to our circumstances that we face but we forget that we are powerful beings.” Listen to her story 

Zandile’s Story

“Mina ngingumama ongenawo umndeni, ngihlala ngedwa ekhaya, so-nje ngibuye ngikudinge nami ukuthi ngikwazi ukukhuluma nomuntu, mhlawumbe ingane yami ingabe igula, ngisuke ngi-lonely anginaye umuntu engizombuza ukuthi ngenzenjani manje. Nje, ziningi izinto ezingenza ukuthi ngibe lonely njengokuthi ngike ngachaza ukuthi mina nobaba womntwanami sesihlukene, so nje ukuba umzali, ngifila lonely ngaleso sikhathi ngoba kahle kahle akekho anginayo i-support.” Listen to her story 

Thando’s Story

“We love ourselves and we do take care of it but the thing is, we don’t have much access in clinics to [get] prevention. In our clinics, the nurses are not [very] friendly, they’re too likely to judge too much and privacy actually – we don’t have that privacy.” Listen to her story 

Zama’s Story

“My granny told me that everything was going to be fine if we pray, everything is going to be fine. It was bad… yeah. I almost cried a lot because I was scared.” Listen to her story 

Nomphilo’s Story

“Njengoba senginowami umntwana, ngiyahlala naye sixoxe, nje sishere izitori, angixoxele ukuthi kwenzakalani esikoleni, nje kube mnandi futhi uma ungumama uhlezi uhleka ngaso sonke isikhathi.” Listen to her story 

Nombuso’s Story

“Isikhathi esingisijabulela kakhulu ukuba umama ukuthi ngiyakwazi ukuthi ngiyithume ingane, ngihlale nayo ikwazi ukuxhumane nezinye izingane, so ngiyakujabulela kakhulu lokho.” Listen to her story 

Eunice’s Story

“Ukuthi ngicela ukuthi sizinakekele kakhulu lezi zingane, siziphe kakhulu uthando. Ngani? Ngoba zitholakala zona zithanda ukuba nenkinga kubazali bazo …” Listen to her story 

Joanne’s Story

“I think also because the children aren’t always with us for so long; you just want to give them as much love as you possibly can and I actually don’t think that your heart has a capacity, I think you can actually just love and love and love because it doesn’t matter how many children we get sent, we find love – or something to love and some love to give to every single kid that crosses our path …” Listen to her story…

Jayshree’s Story

“… what I can say is that; being pregnant does not make you a mother, giving birth does not make you a mother at all, that’s something that I’ve come to realise; that you do not have to go through the physical act of giving birth to become a mother …” Listen to her story…

Nomvula’s Story

“Ngalendlela yokuthi uthola ukuthi i-bond phakathi kwabo naye isiyakhula kakhulu. Ngisho noma ngabe siyahamba siya ezinkonzweni, uyangilekelela ekuphatheni umntwana, uyamphatha umntwana, sishintshisane ngaye endleleni. So, ube wusizo olukhulu ngalendlela eyisimanga umyeni wami …” Listen to her story…

Sane’s Story

“… but watching her, how she raises her and also how she communicates with me as the mother, that on its own just makes me appreciate everything that she has done for me …” Listen to her story…

Agrineth’s Story

“Babika noma yini, siyazwana nabo ngohlobo oluyisimangaliso, bawusizo futhi kakhulu kimina nami ngiyabasiza, bangithatha njengodadewabo noma benezinkinga nje, ngibonga lokho nje. …” Listen to her story…

Alpha’s Story

“Our stuff, our problems help other people because they are going through that road and this road can be healed with us women as we share. We heal one another. …” Listen to her story…

Nwabisa’s Story

“Today ndiyiteacher yasepre-school I have my level 5 because of her, wathi msapha umntana ndiza kumkhulisa, wena hamba iya esikolweni uyofunda. I’ve got a career now I’m a teacher I want to have my degree so that I could go to primary school and be a teacher there, she was the best to me …” Listen to her story…

Nomonde’s Story

“I took care of my child at the time in such a way that when it was break time, once that bell rings for break, I would run home quickly to go and breastfeed my child and go back to school again and then I would continue with my studies and then every time when there was break time, I would make sure that I breastfeed …” Listen to her story…

Thabisa’s Story

“But when you do your research, when you talk to other mothers, when you try to share your story with other people it seems like you are so relieved. It’s like the package has been like off-loaded to you.” Listen to her story…

Lindiwe’s Story

“Everyone was excited to have a granddaughter at home. It’s the second granddaughter. So everyone was happy and then we said Sinovuyo. So we were all happy.” Listen to her story…

Cindy’s Story

“He understands when I say “I need space; can you hold him for me?” And he volunteers to do things that I think that other men wouldn’t necessarily want to do like wash nappies with poo. And yeah, it was also just like in terms of during the birthing process, it is like he was… I feel like it was like a real hero just like playing a supportive role.” Listen to her story…

Yonela’s Story

“I came here to study, but I didn’t apply early, so I have to take a gap year and then during that gap year I met someone and fell pregnant. So the most regret is that I didn’t go to school,  but still now I am not at school because I have to take care of this child.” Listen to her story…

Patricia’s Story

“And when the mother becomes so depressed and so tired, when it comes to that, when a child is crying, you will become more anxious and more sad, then you feel like you want to give up. But if we had that support as mothers, it will be, like, easier… ” Listen to her story…

Shana’s Story

“I think people are not equipped to handle mother’s emotions and if we had support groups… just readily available, because a lot of the women that are suffering can’t pay for any of these things and if we had support groups, or just places where women could go and say, “I’m a mom, this is how I feel” and there were trained people to deal with it… I think that would help a lot.” Listen to her story…

Rumbi’s Story

“I remember just feeling the weight of keeping this little human being alive, just descending on my shoulders and realizing that my life was forever changed… and in that moment I felt a kind of… a crushing regret.”
 Listen to her story…

Philippa’s Story

“When my little one comes and he gives me a hug or a kiss, when my oldest son just says “mommy, come here” and he gives me a big hug for no reason at all, or they say thank you to me. When my daughter helps me with my writing and reading and critiques me.” Listen to her story…

Kelly’s Story

I’ve heard people say that it’s like your heart walking around on the outside of your body and it really is like that. You don’t have the same fear for yourself, or for anyone else that you’ve loved before that point in time.” Listen to her story…

Julie’s Story

“The kind of story that I told myself was that even in the hard moments, I’m going to love every moment, and the reality is that some of the moments have been really, really hard and I have not loved it and there have been moments of motherhood that I haven’t really liked.” Listen to her story…

Jessica’s Story

“I think as a non-mom or someone who is yet to be a mom, there is a lot of power in that you can offer so much coming from a space of that you have no prejudice of experience.” Listen to her story…

Chloe’s Story

“I often feel things that aren’t mine, so often I’ll feel scared or I’ll feel sad or angry and it’s not a fear that I can track to any place in my life and then if I feel deeper into that then I realize that it’s probably my mother’s fear.” Listen to her story…

Ruth’s Story

“I know that she had to labour on her back and that she had a foetal heart monitor strapped to her, that she laboured for 12 hours, and that she birthed on her own and that I was 5 kilos. But she never spoke about it a negative way, she always spoke about it in a very positive way and she gave me a very positive imprint of my birth.” Listen to her story…

Maz’s Story

“You know, she took so much on and she was so brave and so strong and you know, I just always see her as this Amazonian woman of strength and I’m trying to live up to that.” Listen to her story…