#IAmMother - Stories of Motherhood

Sime’s Story

“So one of the days I told him that I’m a teenager too so stop giving me stress. So he was giving me stress, he was doing hair styles, then at school they said he shouldn’t come back with that hairstyle and then I was asking “why are you doing hairstyles? Why are you putting those bracelets in your hand?” because he feels he’s getting old and he’s cute and he thinks he’s attracting the girls.” Listen to her story 

Zama’s Story

“My granny told me that everything was going to be fine if we pray, everything is going to be fine. It was bad… yeah. I almost cried a lot because I was scared.” Listen to her story 

Rumbi’s Story

“I remember just feeling the weight of keeping this little human being alive, just descending on my shoulders and realizing that my life was forever changed… and in that moment I felt a kind of… a crushing regret.”
 Listen to her story…

Kelly’s Story

I’ve heard people say that it’s like your heart walking around on the outside of your body and it really is like that. You don’t have the same fear for yourself, or for anyone else that you’ve loved before that point in time.” Listen to her story…