#IAmMother - Stories of Motherhood

Thokozani’s Story

“I would say it’s so much challenging, it challenged me up to the point where I was mentally affected as well. It is so difficult because I have to become a psychiatrist to my husband because he was brain damaged.” Listen to her story 

Thabile’s Story

“What actually makes us who we are and as mothers; it’s basically everything that we go through, everything that we don’t share, like how it felt when you first saw your child, how wonderful and challenging it is to see them grow up.” Listen to her story 

Nomfundo’s Story

“we spend so much time regretting, crying, resenting the journey of being mothers due to our circumstances that we face but we forget that we are powerful beings.” Listen to her story 

Zandile’s Story

“Mina ngingumama ongenawo umndeni, ngihlala ngedwa ekhaya, so-nje ngibuye ngikudinge nami ukuthi ngikwazi ukukhuluma nomuntu, mhlawumbe ingane yami ingabe igula, ngisuke ngi-lonely anginaye umuntu engizombuza ukuthi ngenzenjani manje. Nje, ziningi izinto ezingenza ukuthi ngibe lonely njengokuthi ngike ngachaza ukuthi mina nobaba womntwanami sesihlukene, so nje ukuba umzali, ngifila lonely ngaleso sikhathi ngoba kahle kahle akekho anginayo i-support.” Listen to her story 

Alpha’s Story

“Our stuff, our problems help other people because they are going through that road and this road can be healed with us women as we share. We heal one another. …” Listen to her story…

Thabisa’s Story

“But when you do your research, when you talk to other mothers, when you try to share your story with other people it seems like you are so relieved. It’s like the package has been like off-loaded to you.” Listen to her story…

Patricia’s Story

“And when the mother becomes so depressed and so tired, when it comes to that, when a child is crying, you will become more anxious and more sad, then you feel like you want to give up. But if we had that support as mothers, it will be, like, easier… ” Listen to her story…

Rumbi’s Story

“I remember just feeling the weight of keeping this little human being alive, just descending on my shoulders and realizing that my life was forever changed… and in that moment I felt a kind of… a crushing regret.”
 Listen to her story…

Julie’s Story

“The kind of story that I told myself was that even in the hard moments, I’m going to love every moment, and the reality is that some of the moments have been really, really hard and I have not loved it and there have been moments of motherhood that I haven’t really liked.” Listen to her story…