Why #IamMother?

This August. This Women’s Month. We’re claiming our space. We’re sticking up our hands and declaring #IamMother.

I am – because we have an existence before our children that continues after they are born. A unique identity that needs to be preserved. No one is “just a mother”. We are so much more and that is good.

Mother – because, in a country with so much division, motherhood is a shared collective identity that we can all tap into. It is a powerful opportunity to be seized for meaningful connection, solidarity and transformation. We are proud to be mothers.

No more token gratitude for motherhood in South Africa. We want gratitude to translate into REAL change. Together, we can demand a better space to be mothers. We can demand services and support that every mother needs to thrive.

We start by claiming our space. By stating that we are here. We make our presence truly felt.

We share our stories and experiences in the multitudes so they can no longer be ignored.

We use our collective stories and social capital to be the change-makers of our time.

To pressure those in power to make real changes that will improve the lives of mothers and their children.

To invoke the power of the sisterhood to radically transform the way we relate to, and connect, with one another.

This is our power. This is our time.

Starting this Women’s Month, join us.

We’re raising our voices and declaring that mothers are here and aware and wanting a South Africa that works for motherhood.

3 steps to join today:

  • Sign the #IamMother pledge.
  • Claim your space: Post a selfie using the hashtag #IamMother and tag Embrace.
  • Build a movement with us. Join the conversation on our FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages. We want to hear your voices and your stories.

This is our power. This is our time.