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Motherhood is not meant to be travelled alone. That’s why this movement of mothers and supporters believes in the power of simple supportive connections. Embrace finds creative ways to build connection during a time when women are often home-bound and socially isolated.

Down on my knees during COVID-19

Did I mention the merry-go-round of fear in my head? How was I going to make money? What would happen to my child if I got sick? Before experts reassured us that children younger than ten were least likely get infected, there was the gigantic fear of my child getting sick. The more the lockdown was extended, the more I worried about how my child’s development was being affected by not being able to go to crèche. The longer lockdown lasted, a new fear appeared: the fear of losing a roof over our heads. All this responsibility is unbelievably hard for a single mom because you have to figure everything out alone. But I have to also appreciate how day after day, God sent unexpected angels to help (from a distance or electronically). I have experienced a lot of kindness from so called strangers during this challenging time.

Love that compels: Reflections on Mother’s Day Connect

Steve Biko Academic Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa. The Embrace-community’s yearly Mother’s Day-outreach kicks off. Cheerful women’s voices echo in the halls of the massive hospital. Twelve volunteers, all mothers, are on their way to deliver gifts to mothers in the hospital. Elsewhere in the country,

Black Babywearing Week #TheRevolutionWillBeCarried

Celebration isn’t frivolous – it’s powerful! Black Babywearing Week 2018 is underway and we’re celebrating what this means for black mothers in South Africa.
Whether you wrap, sling, buckle or tie your baby to your body – the revolution will be carried!