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#TuesdayCheckIn: Jumping at the Sun

#EmbraceSisterhood, how are you doing this week?

Today’s #TuesdayCheckIn comes to you as we approach the end of Black Mamas Matter Alliance​’s #BlackMaternalHealthWeek2019.

We’ve spent most of our week thinking and reading as much as we can about the ways in which some of the greatest failings of our society are borne more deeply by women of colour. At the same time, we’ve been hard at work preparing for the upcoming #MothersDayConnect2019 visits.

This is the space in which we work: devastation and celebration; birth and death. How does one keep going in the face of the devastation and death and deep injustice? We like to think of the Embrace community – all of you, connected to us on our various online and in-person platforms – as jumping to reach the sun. Every day that you engage with the mission of Embrace and connect with another mother, you’re jumping at the sun. You’re helping us create a gentler world for mothers everywhere. We are so grateful for that.

And speaking of gratitude, why don’t you tell a fellow mom that you’re grateful for the community she provides you?

We hope you’ll consider extending this kindness and community to thousands of new moms on Mother’s Day. Go to to find out how.

Have a great week.