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Tag: #TuesdayCheckIn

#TuesdayCheckIn: Mother Africa

How are you doing this week? The 25th of May is Africa Day, a day on which we commemorate the founding of the African Union, and renew our commitment to working for the good of this continent, together. In our roles as mothers, we find that motherhood is often left out of

#TuesdayCheckIn: Happy Mother’s Day Connect!

How are you doing this week? It’s the Tuesday after #MothersDayConnect2019 and we’re feeling all the feelings, from overwhelming gratitude for our volunteers to deep respect for the mothers who allowed us into this incredible vulnerable part of their motherhood journey. It means so much to us personally and as

#TuesdayCheckIn: Get Out the Vote

#EmbraceSisterhood, how are you doing this week? This Tuesday, we’re reflecting on the long, winding road that has led South Africa to our sixth general elections. We still have a long way to go to ensure that all in South Africa live lives of dignity that are not marred by

#TuesdayCheckIn: Happy Worker’s Day

#EmbraceSisterhood, how are you doing this week?   This Tuesday, which is the eve of #WorkersDay, we’re checking in with working mothers, and by working mothers, we mean all mothers.   Whether your work in your home, in an office building, in fields, in classrooms, in hospitals and clinics –

#TuesdayCheckIn: Our names, our selves

How are you doing this week? Today’s #TuesdayCheckIn is inspired by Embrace member Lindiwe. We asked Lindiwe about the significance of her daughter’s name and she told us: My child’s name. The reason why I chose her name is because I was happy to have her so that is why I

#TuesdayCheckIn: Jumping at the Sun

#EmbraceSisterhood, how are you doing this week? Today’s #TuesdayCheckIn comes to you as we approach the end of Black Mamas Matter Alliance​’s #BlackMaternalHealthWeek2019. We’ve spent most of our week thinking and reading as much as we can about the ways in which some of the greatest failings of our society

#TuesdayCheckIn: What’s My Name Again?

How are you doing this week? Today’s #TuesdayCheckIn is an excerpt of a poem by Hollie McNish. She writes: And it’s only when the stars are out and everything’s dark that my own name creeps out from under the table, and I’m able to remember the person I am, with a

#TuesdayCheckIn: The Mothers of Mother’s Day Celebrations

How are you doing this week? Today’s #TuesdayCheckIn is a little different: here at Embrace HQ, we’re in the thick of preparations for #MothersDayConnect2019. If you haven’t heard, here’s a short video explaining the why, how and what of the campaign. It’s one of our biggest nationwide campaigns and it’s an opportunity to

#TuesdayCheckIn: ALL the feelings

Embrace Sisterhood, how are you doing this week?   It’s week 2 of school holidays for most of us here in South Africa and we know these holidays can interrupt well-worn routines and patterns in your and your children’s lives. And while – we know, we know – we try

#TuesdayCheckIn: What the world needs now…

Okay. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, Embrace friends: this year has got off to a bit of a brutal start. It’s only week 10 and I find myself fighting exhaustion and sternly talking myself out of bed. I find myself having to dig deeper than usual for a message