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#TuesdayCheckIn: ALL the feelings

Embrace Sisterhood, how are you doing this week?
It’s week 2 of school holidays for most of us here in South Africa and we know these holidays can interrupt well-worn routines and patterns in your and your children’s lives. And while – we know, we know – we try to enjoy every moment, we may not be able to help the frustrations that come with interrupted household routines.
So, if you’re not enjoying every moment, hear this: very few of us are. Most of us battle with the small frustrations at the same time as we savour the big joys that raising our kids bring us. It’s okay to feel all the feelings. Even better, it’s okay to talk with a fellow mom about all the feelings so she knows she’s not alone and is a very human, very wonderful mother, just like you.
Have a great week.