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#TuesdayCheckIn: Mother Africa

How are you doing this week?

The 25th of May is Africa Day, a day on which we commemorate the founding of the African Union, and renew our commitment to working for the good of this continent, together.

In our roles as mothers, we find that motherhood is often left out of big discussions such as those involving the future of our continent. But as mothers, we know that there is no greater motivator than the desire to make this world a better one for our children.

So, this week, we’d like to reclaim motherhood’s space in the contemplation of Africa. Motherhood should be a part of the lens through which we view our continent’s future.

In discussions in your home, or online, we want to encourage you and your #TuesdayCheckIn mom friend to speak up about what you feel will make the experience of African motherhood better. What kind of Africa do you want for yourself and for the mothers you’ve met in the Embrace community? What would it take to realise that Africa?

Have a great week and a #HappyAfricaDay.