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#TuesdayCheckIn: Our names, our selves

How are you doing this week?

Today’s #TuesdayCheckIn is inspired by Embrace member Lindiwe.

We asked Lindiwe about the significance of her daughter’s name and she told us:

My child’s name. The reason why I chose her name is because I was happy to have her so that is why I said Sinovuyo because of the support of the family; my family was supportive, my sisters, my brothers and my mother were supporting me. So we were all happy to have the grandchild. Like my mother said I’m happy to have this grandchild and then my sisters were happy. Everyone was excited to have a granddaughter at home. It’s the second granddaughter. So everyone was happy and then we said Sinovuyo. So we were all happy.
Naming is a sacred business: it is a process through which the people we are going to grow into are identified. Do you know the significance of your name, whether you chose it or it was given to you? The story of how we are named is a gateway into our stories and our selves.

Find a moment to ask a fellow mom what her name means? Literally and to herself, personally? Find out what her kids’ names are and what they mean. In fewer words, take a second to listen to your friend’s story and maybe share yours.

Have a great week.

Yours in the sisterhood of mothers,
The Embrace Team