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Motherhood is not meant to be travelled alone. That’s why this movement of mothers and supporters believes in the power of simple supportive connections. Embrace finds creative ways to build connection during a time when women are often home-bound and socially isolated.

#IAmMother: Nonjabulo’s Story

What am I doing, is taking care of my family… while renting a chain, one of those saloons because I want to be an independent woman because I’m not after any sponsoring because here, we don’t have much finance supporting systems.

#IAmMother: Eunice’s Story

I would like to talk about children who have problems, who are called special needs babies. I would like to ask that we take care of these kids, and give them extra love.

#IAmMother: Agrineth’s Story

I have a great relationship with my children, I am like a sister to them. I advise them, they listen to me, they are coping, others are working right now, one is about to complete school.

#IAmMother: Nwabisa’s Story

The kindest to me was my mother, you know my mother was the best even though she is no longer alive. By the time the father of my child left me he did not support the child, but my mother never deserted me she raised my child.

#IAmMother : Kitso’s Story

Well, it was something… quite out of the blue and you could have seen the joy in his face when we first went to see the baby and he couldn’t believe it himself and for me I just bonded with the child from the first minute I saw her and up to today she’s still my baby.

#IAmMother : Joanne’s Story

You know, I think what makes it easier is that every child is so different. So you love every child for a different reason and in a different way. Some you love because they look so damn cute and you can’t get your eyes off them…

#IAmMother: Sane’s Story

So being a young mother hasn’t been very easy but with my mom’s support it has been the greatest journey ever. With that being said; it’s because my daughter lives with my mom and so I only see her on weekends, but every single day when I talk to her over the phone, she sends me Whatsapp’s of things that my daughter does