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#IAmMother: Nomvula’s Story

Nomvula Who has been the most supportive to you in your motherhood journey?

The one person who has been very supportive in this motherhood journey, is my husband. My husband has been a great support in an amazing way, in such a way that when the child, our first child, our first child is called Khwezi, when they were 3 months, when they cried, he would wake and check on the child, feed, change the child and go to sleep after, and when it was my turn he would wake me up, and I would also check on the child, and feed them. When we used to have a problem with nannies, they would come and go, one after the other, and while waiting for a new one, he would take time away from work, and stay with the kids, stay and look after the kid, and when I got home I would find that he has bathe and fed the child, and that has been playing with the child during the day. The result of this is that they have a stronger bond. Even when we go to church, he helps me in carrying the child, we have turns carrying the child while on the road. So, my husband has been an amazing help.