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Motherhood is not meant to be travelled alone. That’s why this movement of mothers and supporters believes in the power of simple supportive connections. Embrace finds creative ways to build connection during a time when women are often home-bound and socially isolated.

#TuesdayCheckIn: What’s My Name Again?

How are you doing this week? Today’s #TuesdayCheckIn is an excerpt of a poem by Hollie McNish. She writes: And it’s only when the stars are out and everything’s dark that my own name creeps out from under the table, and I’m able to remember the

#TuesdayCheckIn: The Mothers of Mother’s Day Celebrations

How are you doing this week? Today’s #TuesdayCheckIn is a little different: here at Embrace HQ, we’re in the thick of preparations for #MothersDayConnect2019. If you haven’t heard, here’s a short video explaining the why, how and what of the campaign. It’s one of our biggest nationwide campaigns

#TuesdayCheckIn: ALL the feelings

Embrace Sisterhood, how are you doing this week?   It’s week 2 of school holidays for most of us here in South Africa and we know these holidays can interrupt well-worn routines and patterns in your and your children’s lives. And while – we know,

#TuesdayCheckIn: What the world needs now…

Okay. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, Embrace friends: this year has got off to a bit of a brutal start. It’s only week 10 and I find myself fighting exhaustion and sternly talking myself out of bed. I find myself having to dig deeper

#TuesdayCheckIn: You Belong, You Belong

This week, we’re reading Vicki Rivard‘s powerful new book, Brave New Mama. Rivard writes: mothers must mother each other, too. we must hold each other up & surround each other strong & in the ear of every new mother we must whisper, you belong you

Meet Masego

Meet Maesgo, Mom for 70 days Every mother’s story is as unique and important as she is. Moms speak, we listen.  For our latest Meet The Mom we spoke to Masego Modisagae, a first time Mom. 1.) What word(s) would you use to describe your journey

#IAmMother: Nomphilo’s Story

I really enjoy spending time with kids. Now that I have my own kid, I sit and talk with them, share stories, and they tell me about what happened at school, it is fun, and when you are a mother you laugh all the time.

#IAmMother: Nombuso’s Story

The time that I enjoy the most about being a mother is that I can ask my kid to do errands for me, stay with them, and have them communicate with other kids, so I really enjoy that.