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#IAmMother: Eunice’s Story

Eunice What it’s like raising a child with special needs

I would like to talk about children who have problems, who are called special needs babies. I would like to ask that we take care of these kids, and give them extra love. Why? Because they tend to be problematic to their parents. That is how they end up in baby homes, so that we can look after them, take care them, and raise them up. You find that they are not in the right state. They are in need of constant care. Site managers, take these children to doctors who offer the required assistance, so that the child can grow up like to like other children.

Therefore, I ask that we take care of these kids, offer them assistance. If you see that a child has a problem, help them, and love them. Others must also come and assist us, and see what we do, because by speaking or when people see a picture of the child, it might be possible for the child to get the required assistance from the proper channels.