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#IAmMother: Nwabisa’s Story

Nwabisa Who has been the kindest to you in your journey as a mother?

The kindest to me was my mother, you know my mother was the best even though she is no longer alive. By the time the father of my child left me he did not support the child, but my mother never deserted me she raised my child.

Now I am a proud mother because even my mother showed love to me and my child. My child is 9 years and is doing grade 3, my mother died in 2014 February 7.

I will always remember my mother because she played a big role in my life. My child is in a safe home because of my mother. My child has a way of speaking because of my mother’s teachings. She never turned her back on me, she supported me when I was pregnant and when the father of my child didn’t play a role of being a father to his son, he ran away and left me with a baby. I cried each and every day but I went back to my mother and she took my baby and raised him and sent me back to school to study.

Today I am a pre-school teacher and I have my level 5 because of her. She told me to give her my child and she would raise him so that I could go back to school and study. I’ve got a career now, I’m a teacher I want to have my degree so that I could go teach in a primary school, she was the best to me. Thank you.