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Mamandla 2023

Portrait of Bongie

Bongie Msibi

I have contributed to holding the South African government accountable for this inhuman practice, from the National DoH to Section 19 organizations such as the Commission for Gender Equity and the office of the Public Protector.

Portrait of Kudzai

Kudzai Fatokun

Being selected as a Mamandla Fellow/Alumni holds profound significance for me. It signifies an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, nurture my leadership abilities, and make a meaningful impact in the field of motherhood support and advocacy. I am thrilled to join a community that shares my unwavering passion for empowering mothers and driving positive change in the lives of families.

Portrait of Ukhona

Ukhona Ntsali Mlandu

I take the role of continuing to support younger and new mothers as well as those who have been on the journey for longer in all my lives as a professional and one who lives and operates in a rural, urban and global contexts.

Portrait of Anushka

Anushka Singh-Bhima

I am hoping to connect with like-minded women to grow and shift society norms to a mother-centric approach. I am feeling excited to come together with other women who favour this model of community and women-led empowerment!

Portrait of Rolinah Mathebula

Rolinah Mathebula

As a mother myself I think it’s a responsibility of every mom to share love and support to those in need. To be a Mamandla Fellow, I want to continue learning and gaining more wisdom from other women to make a different in my community. I want to share many universal experiences and, most importantly, to make every woman to rise by lifting each other.