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18 July is #InternationalMandelaDay, a day on which we are encouraged to reflect on the spirit of service personified by the late President Nelson Mandela.

We’re doing lots of reflecting this season. In the last 4 months, we have lost #TshegofatsoPule, #LiyabonaMabishi, #AlteciaandRayneciaKortje, #SanelisiweMfaba, #ZilandileXulu, #ZakiyyahAhmedjanIsmail and so many others whose names and stories never make the headlines.

We are tired. #EnoughIsEnough.

So, in the run up to #MandelaDay, we are using this platform and our voices as the women, mothers, daughters, sisters of victims and survivors of #genderbasedviolence to call for collective action against such violence. #GBV is a social problem and it will never stop until there are social solutions. So we’re going to be sharing ways in which you can help spot and stop GBV in your own community and resources with which which you can support survivors of GBV.

We hope you’ll spend 67 minutes (and more) going through and sharing our content.