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Tag: I Am Mother

#IAmMother: Shana’s Story

What would make it easier? Honestly, some more support groups. I don’t see – and I’m not one of those political people – but I don’t see the government giving any type of emotional support to mothers.

#IAmMother : Chloe’s Story

So I don’t know much about the story of my birth. I was abandoned at birth at a bus station in Lusaka… and then I was taken to the orphanage shortly after that.

#IAmMother: Rumbi’s Story

My loneliest moment as a mother was the second night, after my son was born. My husband had stayed over in hospital the first night and so I hadn’t been alone – I was also hopped up on morphine.

#IAmMother: Philippa’s Story

One has been my very good friend … she’s a mother of a friend of my second born son and when I had Christopher, my last born, there’s a 14-year gap between him and the brother he follows, I was 45, it was a very difficult pregnancy and…

#IAmMother: Maz’s Story

I’ve definitely learnt that I am a lot stronger than I think and that I am very resilient and mothers as a whole are very resilient. Both through my own journey being a mom, but also now as a mother looking at my mom’s mother and her journey.