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Tag: I Am Mother

#IAmMother: Maria’s Story

You know in life you need people to help you but the people, they will never know if you we struggle for something. If you have problems, you must communicate. Tell the people that are around you what you feel so that they can help you.

#IAmMother: Sime’s Story

It’s a challenge sometimes and its fun sometimes because we play together, we sing, we dance together but then sometimes I feel that I need someone who is going to play a father part in his life and it’s a challenge to me because I have to play that role.

#IAmMother: Zama’s Story

My daughter was born in 2014. It was really bad because when I got to the labour ward, it was hard – the nurses told me that there was something that didn’t go out in my womb so I have to go to the ICU for that.

#IAmMother: Thokozani’s Story

I would say it’s so much challenging, it challenged me up to the point where I was mentally affected as well. It is so difficult because I have to become a psychiatric to my husband because he was brain damaged. I had to be a… psychologist to him and to my kids, I had to be a counsellor to my children..

#IAmMother: Thando’s Story

Most of the people in our community, they say “girls who have a child in an early age they’re loose” like we don’t love ourselves, we love boys, that’s why we just throw ourselves at boys. Actually it’s not true because…

#IAmMother: Thabisa’s Story

I think as mothers, we need to form support groups in our community whereby we can talk about our struggle of being a mother. Whether you’re a single mother or you have your partner like who is supporting you or your family because… why?

#IAmMother: Thabile’s Story

Okay, so… Women of Worth Circle – story telling circle has a very brilliant session basically got us women to actually talk about our motherhood journeys, the difficulties we’ve faced, basically how we bring that is not one of the last ones.

#IAmMother : Cindy’s Story

So for me the kindest person in my motherhood journey has been my husband. And I feel like he has been there since day one. He understands when I say “I need space; can you hold him for me?”

#IAmMother: Ntombi’s Story

Okay… the kindest person in my motherhood journey I would say… most of the time it was the neighbours… outside our people from the community. I remember the other day because I got a…

#IAmMother: Nomfundo Msomi’s Story

Hello everyone, my name is Nomfundo Msomi and the advice I would like to give women and mothers in South Africa is that; we spend so much time regretting, crying, resenting the journey of being mothers due to our circumstances that we face but we forget that we are powerful beings…