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#IAmMother: Sime’s Story

Sime What is it like being a single mom, raising a boy who’s about to become a teenager?

It’s a challenge sometimes and its fun sometimes because we play together, we sing, we dance together but then sometimes I feel that I need someone who is going to play a father part in his life and it’s a challenge to me because I have to play that role. So it gets a bit awkward when we have to talk about private stuff that has to do about boys and then at the same time I’m having my life, sometimes I feel like a teenager too because I have a life to live, I have friends, I’m an outgoing person and yet he’s a teenager and his life is getting a bit hectic as he’s becoming a teenager. So one of the days I told him that I’m a teenager too so stop giving me stress. So he was giving me stress, he was doing hair styles, then at school they said he shouldn’t come back with that hairstyle and then I was asking “why are you doing hairstyles? Why are you putting those bracelets in your hand?” because he feels he’s getting old and he’s cute and he thinks he’s attracting the girls. So, lately he told me about going on a date and all that and to me it was something new and something that I fear happens because it makes me fear that he’s growing and that he’s going to experience things in life, yet I know it’s a cruel world. So yeah, it’s a bit hectic but then sometimes fun and I love it that he’s growing, he’s becoming a teenager but at the same time I have a fear because we live in a cruel world.