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#IAmMother: Zama’s Story

Zama Tell us about the day your daughter was born

My daughter was born in 2014. It was really bad because when I got to the labour ward, it was hard – the nurses told me that there was something that didn’t go out in my womb so I have to go to the ICU for that. They told me that I lost a lot of blood on that day so I had to go to ICU for more blood in my body. It was hard because they told me at first that I should go to the theatre. So when the doctors got there, they said it was fine, I can go through to the ICU to get more blood. So I got the blood and it was fine, it was a done deal so… it was good and I’m here now, I’m alive, so it’s fine… yeah.

Interviewer:How did you feel that day, when you had to go to the ICU?”

I almost cried that day… but yeah, my granny told me that everything was going to be fine if we pray, everything is going to be fine. It was bad… yeah. I almost cried a lot because I was scared.