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#IAmMother : Cindy’s Story

Cindy Who has been the kindest to you on your motherhood journey?

So for me the kindest person in my motherhood journey has been my husband. And I feel like he has been there since day one. He understands when I say “I need space; can you hold him for me?” And he volunteers to do things that I think that other men wouldn’t necessarily want to do like wash nappies with poo [laughs]. And yeah, it was also just like in terms of during the birthing process, it is like he was… I feel like it was like a real hero just like playing a supportive role. When I was in pain like you know he would just follow what I said like: touch here, massage here, leave that, take this [he did this] diligently. Yeah, so I feel like he has really been the kindest this person, a person you know who understands and just like a great partner to be with on this journey.