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Tag: mothers day

Introducing the Month of Moms

Embrace is a movement for a supported motherhood – for mothers, by mothers – and we recognise that friendship and community are critical for our mental health and wellbeing.  The impact of COVID-19 on mothers has been huge. In addition to feeling the weight of fear as we did our

All We Want for Mother’s Day

As mothers, we know better than most that our children are the future, and we appreciate the outpourings of gratitude for our role in shaping that future. But we also want you to know: gratitude alone is not enough – not while pregnant mothers go hungry; not while 1 in 3 mothers suffer from mental disorders during and after pregnancy; not while teenage girls cannot access basic reproductive healthcare services, and not while it is possible for a woman to be beaten while she is labouring.

A Love Note from Celest Dreyer

Perfecting this thing called motherhood looks different for everyone. Some days it’s planned lessons and home cooked meals and other days it’s 2min noodles, screen time and hiding in the bathroom to have a snack.