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Tasmin Tiffany Bota

Tasmin is the founder of Preemie Connect, an online support group for parents of premature infants. Tasmin second baby arrived at 28 weeks. Through her experiences as a preemie mom, she found that there were no local support groups for parents to share in their journeys. So, she created one.

Tasmin says, “My second journey into motherhood has been quite the rollercoaster ride, but prematurity has changed my life for the better. Before I was so focused on work and making money, never taking the time to enjoy the child that I had then, or just life in general. Prematurity gave me pause. It allowed me to grow in my faith and take time to be in the moment, appreciating the little things. The things I took for granted when my older son was born I now appreciate wholeheartedly. We still have quite a way to go on our prematurity journey, but the birth of my son has allowed me to have a bigger purpose in life”. 

Tasmin welcomed her third child, born at full term, during her time as a Mamandla fellow . 

Tasmin continues to work to grow Preemie Connect’s services and offerings to include mentorship for mothers of preemie babies, and support for moms with high-risk pregnancies.